We are Proud to Announce…


We are so humbled to announce that you guys donated $715 OVER our goal!  This money is an answer to prayer for us, we literally would not be able to open our doors.   I would like to give a shout out to our top 5 donators who will receive the much coveted tour for four at 612Brew!  Cheers to Kim Gallagher (and her family), Randy Kowlessar, Laura Scherer, Tom and Ginger Schultz, and Ben and Emily Paulson!  You have played a HUGE part in this journey with us and we can never thank you enough! 




As you all know, it has been hard for us to set an official opening date because of all the little things that have to get done.  We would like to announce that we will be OPENING STELLER HAIR COMPANY on JUNE 25th!    We will open our books so that you can start booking your appointments and be some of the first to get their hair done in the beautiful establishment that you have helped make happen!  IF we have a hiccup in our plans, and won’t be able to open, we will contact you and help you reschedule your appointment (we hope that this won’t be the case!).  We will be holding our GRAND OPENING party in July (date to be announced soon).  We know this is not the typical way of doing things, but we like to live on the edge 😉  

We can’t WAIT to do your hair! 

Much Love, Katie and Mike

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