How to find Steller Hair Co

Hello! Tomorrows the day! I can’t sleep because I am so excited, so I decided to write a quick post to make sure everyone knows where they are going when they come to Steller Hair Co!

First off, look for the big red tower


We are located on Broadway St. You will see this sign outside our door


Parking is located on the other side of the building (you can get to the parking lot from Broadway)


You can either walk around the building to our front entrance (on broadway) or you can go through the building through this door on the patio by the parking lot

Go up the stairs

Down the hall

And through the door on the right!

We can't WAIT to see you, and make you look awesome!


Meet The Team!

We are so proud to introduce our Steller Team.  These three amazing stylists are such an important part of Steller Hair, we could not do this without them!  We are so thankful that they stuck with us through this crazy process, we can’t wait for you to meet them. 


Steven is a graduate of the Aveda Institute Minneapolis.  With passion, drive and the desire to perfect his craft, he sets out to make every person he comes in contact with feel great! Steven was raised on a farm in Southeastern Minnesota, he moved to the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex in 2006 where he was a Veterinary Technician.  Steve came back to Minnesota to be closer to family, friends and pursue his passion for hair.


Erin  After graduating with her bachelor’s degree in business management and sociology from the University of MN, Erin attended the Aveda Institute and studied both cosmetology and esthiology. She then worked at a salon in Eagan for two years where she extensively trained in barber-style hair cutting, razor cutting, texturizing, and creative coloring. She enjoys doing edgy, ‘rocker’ hairstyles and is excited to move her passion for amazing hair to Minneapolis at Steller Hair Co.!
Maria After finishing her training at the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis, Maria moved to the east coast to develop her career in Washington DC area. there, she recieved further education from masters in the industry.  After meeting her husband and growing their family, they have set roots in Minnesota.  Maria is focused on taking your vision and her expertise to come up with a look that compliments your lifestyle and personality.
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We are Proud to Announce…


We are so humbled to announce that you guys donated $715 OVER our goal!  This money is an answer to prayer for us, we literally would not be able to open our doors.   I would like to give a shout out to our top 5 donators who will receive the much coveted tour for four at 612Brew!  Cheers to Kim Gallagher (and her family), Randy Kowlessar, Laura Scherer, Tom and Ginger Schultz, and Ben and Emily Paulson!  You have played a HUGE part in this journey with us and we can never thank you enough! 




As you all know, it has been hard for us to set an official opening date because of all the little things that have to get done.  We would like to announce that we will be OPENING STELLER HAIR COMPANY on JUNE 25th!    We will open our books so that you can start booking your appointments and be some of the first to get their hair done in the beautiful establishment that you have helped make happen!  IF we have a hiccup in our plans, and won’t be able to open, we will contact you and help you reschedule your appointment (we hope that this won’t be the case!).  We will be holding our GRAND OPENING party in July (date to be announced soon).  We know this is not the typical way of doing things, but we like to live on the edge 😉  

We can’t WAIT to do your hair! 

Much Love, Katie and Mike

Finally an Update!


After an extremely crazy week I am proud to finally introduce you to the Steller Hair Company team! We are ecstatic to share this crazy journey with Erin, Steve and Maria.  These three people are not only some of the most creative and talented hair stylists we know, but also have incredible hearts and contagious smiles.  We cannot wait to work alongside these amazing stylists and learn from them!  I will be posting specifically about these three in the next couple of days so that you can get to know them better.


What have we been doing?

This week has been the most intense, full, and exhausting week we have experienced thus far.  It started with us painting the salon all day Sunday and Monday (and a little on Tuesday), we loved the excitement for the first day, but then it quickly wore off.

On Tuesday we moved all of our salon equipment/furniture over to the space, which was great to get it out of our house because Wednesday, Thursday and today was spent moving all of our personal belongings to our new place (and by “new place”, I mean my parents house..).  We are so thankful my family has opened up their home to let us and our crazy dogs live there for a bit!  Thanks mom and dad!

What’s NEXT?

We will be announcing our official opening day this upcoming week.  It has been hard for us to nail down the exact day since we have so many moving parts (build out, inspections, license etc).

We WILL be opening before the month is over! So keep checking back, we will announce the day as well as open our books! That means those of you who want to be the first clients at the Steller Hair Company need to be on the lookout!

We can’t believe we are so close!

One More Thing:

Even though we reached our goal already on IndieGoGo, we still have 3 more days of fundraising left!  If any of you were still hoping to support us in this way, it would be a HUGE blessing!  There are perks still available, and the top 5 donators will receive the amazing tour for 4 at 612Brew (which is downstairs from Steller Hair Co).  We will announce who those five are at the end of the fundraiser!!!

Donate Here!

More updates to come soon! THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Love, Katie and Mike


Not a moment taken for granted


I’d like to take a slight detour from salon talk to write about something that reminds us daily of the importance of not taking our time on this earth for granted.

Two years ago on this exact day, Mike and I were on our way to work. The previous week on Memorial Day we bought our first car together, a Mitsubishi Endeavor! Definitely an upgrade from our old beaters.
We were driving on 94 E, normal morning, normal speed, normal traffic. Without us knowing, a car swerved in front of the semi truck in front of us, causing it to slam on its brakes. We had absolutely no chance to stop and barreled straight into the back of the truck. Our beautiful new car was totaled, but we survived.

This experience reminds us daily to savor each moment we have in this life together, we could easily have both been killed or at least one of us! We were hardly bruised.
We believe we survived for a reason, and we want to do our absolute best with the time we have!

“Don’t put off til tomorrow, what you can do today”

I wanted to write about this because I am so incredibly thankful that Mike and I are alive and able to pursue this crazy and amazing dream to open our own business! I wish I could express how humbled and grateful we are. Grateful to God!

Much love,
Katie and Mike