Spring is just around the corner (unless you live in MN..)

I hope you are surviving the latest snow storm (and if you are somewhere warm right now, I am giving you the stink-eye). We are definitely feeling ready for spring in the Schultz household! Not only are we ready for some warmer weather, but we are looking forward to opening the doors of Steller Hair Company!

The passed two months have been incredibly overwhelming for Mike and myself. We have been working non stop on finding a new space, getting bids, rewriting our business plan, the loan process, and lease negotiations.

So where are we now?
We have a new and amazing space (this is the 8th space we have seriously considered, please let it be the last!!).

Our big variable
Our buildout for the space is going to be more than what we had been planning on, so we have had to go through the loan process all over again. We will find out at the end of the month if we will be approved the funds or not. If we don’t get this loan, we will have to start all over again (unless we win the lottery or find a long lost rich uncle).
These next two weeks will be filled with stressful anticipation!

Even though we have experienced an uphill battle with this entire process, we feel convinced that this is our calling. This has been an incredibly humbling journey and we are ready to see the fruits of all the hard work we have invested over the past year!

We will be announcing at the end of the month, good or bad news, what will be next! Pray for good news!!

Thank you for all of your support, we love you guys!

Katie (and Mike)

Excited to try our new products and color on you!!