Ups and Downs


We have really tried to keep the details on Steller Hair Company (location, opening, etc)  hush-hush until we have everything officially signed.  Our past experience is that even though it looks like it will work out, nothing is real until there is a signature (So thank you for bearing with us in our silence!). We have had a lot of ups and downs throughout this journey, and even though we are not ready to share ALL of the details, we wanted to fill you in on whats been going on the past couple of months!


We have have finished putting together our packages for all of you who helped us raise money through indiegogo, and are in the process of delivering them! We are so excited to show our appreciation through these gifts!

photophoto copy
photo copy 2


We no longer have steady employment, but that has given us more time to invest in the salon (s0, I would consider that an UP)


WE GOT OUR LOAN!!! This is huge for us, and something that was a massive hurdle. We are financed!!

Another UP:

We found an amazing space that will allow us to fully customize our salon the way we want it, and is a wonderful location!


We found out a few weeks ago that the space we are looking at is not zoned correctly.  This means that in order to be there we need to get it rezoned which is expensive, takes awhile and is not guaranteed.  We were about to launch the location (as well as a promo website and video in the space), but we obviously have had to put that on hold.   This has definitely been discouraging news, but we have faith that it will work out the way it is suppose to work out, and we are still hoping to open in the next few months.

Thank you all for your support and patience!  We will keep you updated!!

Katie and Mike