Almost There

Hello dear Friends!

As you know (or have guessed), getting this salon off the ground has been a bumpy road for us.  Mike and I have definitely experienced a lot more “downs” than “ups”!   Even though things have been going a lot slower and more difficult than we had hoped, we remain incredibly thankful and excited!  We hope that you are all still excited as well!

One of the main reasons I am thankful that things have been difficult is that it has reaffirmed our passion for starting Steller Hair Company.  When things are discouraging it really makes you check yourself and make sure you are doing the right thing and that it will be worth the struggle (and it WILL be so worth it!).   We have such a heart for making people feel cared for and beautiful, and that goes for both our employees and clients.  This isn’t going to be a business of TAKING, we want to make it a business of GIVING (and awesome hair).

We can’t share too much information yet, but keep your eyes open on December 1st for some extremely exciting news (and the reveal of our LOGO!!)

Thank you for your patience with us!  Steller Hair Company is going to be better than we ever imagined!

Much love,