Things are looking up!

Hi friends!
You have all been incredibly gracious and patient with us as we have had to essentially start over with our space searching! Thank you! A lot of people have asked us “so what happened to all the money you raised?” And I want to take this chance to reassure you that it is sitting in our business account until we need to use it for our salon!
A few updates:
– as of two weeks ago Mike and I had to make the decision to step down to part time employees at our job or stop working on starting our salon, we of course decided on the part time since we are 100% committed to making this salon a reality!
– we are seriously pursuing a new space!! We aren’t going to disclose any more information than that as of right now, since we have now seen how uncertain it is until you sign a lease. Hopefully in the next two weeks we will have finalized our agreement and will have some exciting news for all of you!
– our logo is finished!! We will be launching it with the announcement of our space, it is absolutely amazing!
-we are currently working on our tshirts/merchandise for all of our indiegogo supporters, we will hopefully be sending those out by the end of the month! We will also have some for retail once our website is launched.

Mike and I have definitely been discouraged by how long this process has taken so far, but we have faith that its going to work out better than we could even imagine! Thank you for sticking with us and having patience!

More updates soon!

Katie and Mike