Patience is a Virtue…so they say

Hello friends!

I want to thank you again for your patience and support as we try to locate the right space for our salon. We knew there would be ups and downs to starting a new business, but I didn’t realize that the WAITING would be the hardest for me!

A couple of updates:

-our logo should be done very soon, we are super excited to unveil it! Once it is finished we will be making all of our indiegogo promotional items for those of you who supported us that way!

-I will be meeting with the head of Business Development of Minneapolis this Friday, she will be showing me a list of spaces that meet our criteria as well as share different ways the city of minneapolis will help us get started. We are still open to Saint Paul, but so far we haven’t had the best of luck that side of the river!

-we have 392 fantastic people on our Facebook page! Please continue to tell people about us! My goal is to have at least 500 people like our page by the time we open!

All in all, things are great right now! We just need to be patient, although, IT’S HARD WHEN IM SO EXCITED!!

More updates soon!

Just a quick hello!


First the sad news: It looks like we are going to be looking for a new space.  This news was discouraging to us at first, but we know that this means there is an even BETTER place out there for Steller Hair Company.   We are working hard to find a space so that we can stay true to our timeline (hopefully opening November/December), and we have expanded our search to Saint Paul AND Minneapolis metro areas.  We are thankful for your patience and encouragement!

The exciting news!  Our logo is almost completed! Once it is, we will be sending out our exciting perks for all of you out there who donated on our IndieGoGo!  Again, we cannot BELIEVE how much was raised!  You guys rock!

For all of you who are wanting to get your hair done by us right now, we LOVE it!  Please don’t get discouraged if we are unable to do it at the time you are needing, we have filled up our mornings and weekends with doing hair (while still working full time as educators). Please know it will be a lot easier to get an appointment with us once we are just working in the salon! 🙂

Thank you again for being the awesome, good-looking people that you are!

Katie and Mike