Short Update!

Hi Everyone!  

I just wanted to write a quick post to let you all know that things are going GREAT!! Not as planned, but even better than we could have planned :).  I am waiting for a couple of important things to be 100% confirmed, and then we will announce our big news! 

Update on our Finances: 

We have now officially raised $4,250 on IndieGoGo!!! AMAZING!  We are over halfway to reaching our $8,000 goal (which we NEED to reach by September 1st).  So what happens if we DON’T reach our goal? IndieGoGo will take a whopping 9% of our donations.  What happens if we EXCEED our goal?  We get to use it towards the salon!  Right now we are raising JUST enough to get what we absolutely need to start up Steller Hair Company, but there are lots of things that we would love to get that aren’t ESSENTIAL.  A few of those items are:  An Espresso Maker (We want to be able to serve our guests tasty refreshments while they are in our chair, as well as if they are just hanging out in our lounge), Washer/Dryer (We would love to be able to do all of our towels in the salon space, instead of having to bring them to the laundry mat, this will save us TIME and MONEY), Table/Chairs for our breakroom (Explanation needed?) 🙂 Last but not least, A Projector/Screen (the reason for this item is still top secret! But we promise you will love it!)


Mike and I have been so encouraged by all of your excitement, prayers and donations.  You have helped us realize, even though this is a scary leap of faith, this is exactly what we are suppose to be doing. We believe that with all of our hearts!  So thank you for being a HUGE part of our journey so far!   🙂


Love you all, Katie and Mike (and Jedi…AND Rooney)

If you are interested in helping us financially, please visit


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